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Hatsune Miku × DigiEye+ How to enjoy AR LIVE1. Download Free app "DigiEye AR"(デジアイAR).2. After downloading the smartphone app, read the information on DigiEye’s package.3. Enjoy Hatsune Miku on the package, in AR LIVE singing new songs.
+ A large number of creators participated in project DigiEye.Producers from Crypton Future Media, INC. : Kamagami YuFeatured song: : Mitchie MLIVE CG : Sony Computer EntertainmentLIVE CG MODEL : Kasoku SatoLIVE Choreographer : めろちん(Meiro-chin) Graphic illustrator : Yuzuki KihiroPackage designer : Doi HiroakiPackage illustrator : のん(Non)
To enjoy Hatsune Miku AR LIVE, a product package is required.If you do not possess a package, you can also enjoy by reprinting PDF.
Package design by のんIllustration by 柚希きひろ3D modeling by 加速サトウDeveloped by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.© Crypton Future Media, INC.©ROHTO Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd."DigiEye AR" is a technology to extend augmented reality technology -  "SmartAR" developed by Sony Corporation."SmartAR" is a registered trademarks or trademarks in the company of Japan and other countries.